Uncle Scrooge of Christmas Carol Limited Edition Scotland Figurine

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Mickey Mouse of Christmas CarolMickey Mouse of Christmas CarolMickey Mouse of Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol  Scotland Figurine

This is a must for the Scrooge Collector. As you can see the condtion of this 7" figurine is beautiful, mint and very colorful. This is because he has been stored away since the movie Mickey's Christmas Carol premired. Mint Mickey was just removed from his original box for the 1st time for this picture. On the front it says "Bah Humbug!" and on the back it is marked: "Tomorrow Today" & "Walt Disney Company". This company was located in Scotland. This is so well detailed - the floor is even textured like real wood would be.  I would not sell this; except I have a set for myself! We also have the Minnie Mouse and Goofy from this set.


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