1950s Mickey Mouse Club Figural Glass Bank

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Mickey Bank

The Mickey Mouse Club ran on television between 1955 - 1959. It was the catalyst for many young performers, actors, and actresses.... in some ways like The Disney Channel does today.
This is an vintage Mickey Mouse Club brown glass bank from the same time period. He is shaped like Mickey Mouse and is in Mint condition with no chips or cracks.

Some people broke their banks to get their money out, but my sister and I learned that with a little patience, a butter knife and a pair of mom's tweezers........ and if you held your mouth just right...... we could rob our bank and ride our bikes to the candy store, with no one the wiser.

Measurements: 7" T x 4 " W
Description: Brown Glass Figure of a smiling Mickey Mouse, with hands clasped together in front and his tail circling the words Mickey Mouse Club and a little picture of his face.
On the bottom it says: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS


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