1990 Very Rare Three Dimensional Disneyland Park Scene Watch For 35th Anniversary MIB

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disneyland 3D watchdisneyland 3D watch

Disneyland Three Dimensional Park Scene Watch

This wonderful rare watch was sold only at the Disney Store for a very short time for the celebration of Disneyland's 35th anniversary. It is mint in it's original box and has never been worn or bent. Our 2nd picture shows a close up of the raised scene - you can actually see the race car on the track, the waterfall on the mountain, the monorail circling the watch face with the supports under it, The track on the Matterhorn ride, The castle with the bridge leading to it, the boat ride in the water, the train on the track by the side of the castle, and the carousal ride with colorful ponies to ride. A must for the Disneyland or watch collector who wants something very rare and unique!


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